The Beginner’s Guide to Landscaping

How to Choose a Landscape Designer.

If you want to do landscaping on your premises the best person to use would a professional landscape designer. With the right landscape contractor, you are assured of getting the results you want. If you are having a challenge choosing the right landscape construction and design company, here are guidelines you can use.

To have an idea on the projects that the landscape designer can do, it is advisable to ask them for their portfolio.
The portfolio of most designers contains they kind of project they have done or what they can do. If the designs don’t impress you, you can choose to look for another option.

Has the landscape construction company been licensed by the state? Ask them for a copy of their license and verify its genuine. The educational qualifications is another is also something you should not forget to tell the designer to show you. During the landscaping process, accidents can happen that can lead to injuries or damage of property, ensure the landscape construction company has insurance. Ask the company for a copy of their insurance contract, ensure the contract will be running the day the activity of the landscaping will take place. If the company does not have insurance, it is advisable to look for another alternative. Dealing with a company that has no insurance can make you spend money you had not planned for, doing repairs on the damaged property.

Does the landscaping company have referencing? Once you confirm the company has worked with other clients in the past, take their contacts and give them a call, you can ask them how their experience was working with the company, if they liked the services they received and any other question you may have. Apart from the referencing, it is important to check the comments and reviews on the company by their past clients. In case you are having some doubts about the company, the reviews and feedback from their past clients can help you in making a decision.

How much does the landscape designer charge? The rates from one designer to another varies. To ensure the landscape designer you have settled for is not charging you very high prices, you can always ask for quotes at least from 3 other companies, but ensure the companies are reputable. Choose a designer who is willing to work with your planned budget.

If your neighbor has a well designed landscape, you can ask them which contractor designed it for them.

Does the landscape designer provide after sales services to their clients? One way the landscape designer can provide you with after sales services is through doing regular maintenance. Finally. Ensure you sign a contract with all the terms of our agreement.

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